Learning to Fail Better

First off, I am not a huge Mariah fan. However, I can sing most of the lyrics to Sweet Fantasy and Always Be My Baby. I mean, I was a teen in the 90’s!

But, watching the news and reading stories from CNN, Vanity Fair and Billboard about her performance tonight, I have realized that Mariah can definitely teach us a few lessons to take with us into the New Year.

Persistence Pays Off

I am certain that last year’s New Years Eve mishap was not her first mistake. She’s had some practice. Even though last year’s performance and how she handled it was quite ghastly, she is still getting back on the same stage as the failure.

How many times are we asked to go back to the same place in which we failed? A lot! Whether it be a failure in your career, with your kids, marriage or friendships, you must go back! Persistence is what makes us great!

Going back and facing your failure will make you stronger. It shows just what type of person you truly are. And, if you never go back, you never truly learn the meaning of persistence.

Fail Better

Samuel Beckett’s quote says it all:

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Basically, never give up.

I tell my kids all the time, the only thing that I have truly succeeded at is failure!

I can fail like nobody’s business. The difference, is that I get right back up and fail better the next time. No matter how bad the failure feels, you have to get back on the stage and fail better the next time.

Even Mariah is failing better. The buzz this morning is that she is not going to miss her sound check, like she did last year. She is showing us that you must fail better. You get back on the stage more prepared than the last time.

The good news for us is that with our failures, there will probably not be a million plus viewers waiting to see if this will be failure 2.0 or pure, sweet vindication.

Life Goes On

This is the grand lesson of life! No matter what happened, life goes on.

It’s true. No matter if you are famous, infamous or just a plain old person like me. Life goes on.

When we fail, we initially think the world has watched. But, after a few deep breaths and some time to lick our wounds, you will realize that it probably was not as bad as you thought. And, life continued even while you were healing, so it is still spinning now.

Take a few lessons from Mariah and think about how you can use 2018 to fail better, show the world your persistence and always remember that life goes on!

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